Max can hiii-yaaah you up!

Max started karate last week. I had intended it to be something he could do once a week, so that I wouldn’t be an “over-scheduling parent” but the instructor talked me into having Max come twice a week. Turns out, Max has been going everyday because he loves it so. So much for my intentions. We have to be extra time aware though because Max goes from Philosophy and Art Club to karate with less than an hour break on Mondays and then Brian’s soccer games to karate with no break on Tuesdays. The instructor said Max has really good focus. He knows a few of the kids from his school, which gives me warm fuzzies. It’s been neat to see him improve his various moves. We come home from class and show off the moves to Kevin. Even Brian has been getting into it, though he isn’t in the class. Brian can really key-op (the yelling that is done with each move) with the best of them.

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  1. Ah…a Zen Master in the making. Yeah, when are you going to do what your Mom said, We want video and more pics.

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