No mo’ babies!

Last week Max said he wanted another baby in our family. I don’t want to disappoint my kids, but seriously? Not happening. At least not if I get to be in charge. I love that my kids are no longer babies. I no longer have to worry about:

  • SIDS
  • Whether to get the 18 month vaccinations/Autism
  • Car seats being installed incorrectly\
    The lack of worry about baby-related deaths and illness has been such a relief. It’s like going on vacation, all of the time, in my brain!\
    My kids can use the bathroom and dress, feed, and entertain themselves. We can go out and have fun as a family and go on vacations together. Right this very minute, Brian is reading a book to Kevin. BRIAN IS READING. \0/\
    So yea. Just had to share.\
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