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Sunday we drove up to Hilton Head. I had never been before, but had heard all sorts of fabulous things about it. We visited some museum and went to the top of the lighthouse. While having lunch, we saw dolphins!!! I’d always heard how busy restaurants are on Mother’s Day were, but not in Hilton Head. We let the kids play at a local park and then visited some other harbor and checked out one of the beaches. It was a nice town, but nothing to rave about, honestly. Kevin said it was “too sanitized and lacked character.” It was a fun day and I won’t waste time pining for a visit, so it’s all good.\
The kids had the most fun at the park:


I saw some shade and made Kevin take a picture of us without squinty eyes:

There are more pictures here.

After that we headed home and the kids gave me the presents they made in school. Lots of coupons for chores and pictures of flowers. Last week Brian asked what my favorite sport is. He asked, “Golf?” I said no. He got really upset. He practically started crying and said, “Mini golf?” I agreed, just to calm him down, and he seemed happier. When I got my presents, I finally understood what that crying was about. He made a card at school and it listed all sorts of info about me- my name, eye color, favorite hobby, favorite sport, etc. He wrote golf for that last question and didn’t want the gift ruined by being wrong. How sweet, funny, and charming is that?

My birthday is a week after Mother’s Day. I think Mother’s Day gifts should be something smallish, like a book or a candle, whereas birthday presents is where the real action should take place. Kevin has never followed this though and usually reverses the gift giving priority. He went all out for Mother’s Day again 🙂 I can’t really complain about getting presents though.\
This morning, Brian was writing sentences about fish, dolphins, sharks, and whales as homework. He wrote about the fish we had to leave behind in Va. He wrote, “We youst to have fish…” Youst!! Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?

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  1. You didn’t mention the wildlife we saw at the museum (the Coastal Discovery Center)! We saw little crabs, little fish, big birds and mink or otter tracks!

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