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  • Meh, Humbug

    I’ve been feeling pretty blah about the holidays, and I think Josh Marshall gets to the core of it. I’m just tired of COVID, tired of the constant debate, unknowns, the raging of morons, the lack of common sense and shared sacrifice, of not knowing if I’m doing enough to protect myself and my family, […]

  • Random Pandemic Thoughts

    This isn’t really a retrospective, because it ain’t over, but we’re doing a relfection on how we’ve been affected by COVID at work today, so I decided to write some things down before the meeting so my thoughts are in some kind of order. I’m sharing it here because, well, I wrote it down. Now […]

  • On to the Good Stuff

    Kevin gleefully celebrating a bald Brian while holding clippers

    I was talking to a friend in the TechSAV Slack this morning about people running around without masks and being aggressively ignorant about it online and in person and as I was about to spiral into anger and sadness, I just decided… I don’t want to. Instead, I decided to hop over here and write […]

  • One Month and Change

    I left the house yesterday for the first time in over 35 days. It was just to take some soup to my in-laws, but it felt weird hopping in the car and driving. Jen’s been doing all the errands because I’ve been working, and since I’m already a mess thanks to my asthma and allergies, […]

  • You Are Forgiven

    Ever since I discovered Hadestown (the album, not the broadway play, which I would love to see), I’ve been listening to a lot of Ana├»s Mitchell. This song came up in a playlist today and it brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t tell you why. Or, maybe I can. I’m tired, and frustrated, and […]

  • Baking With Kevin: Sourdough

    Two gorgeous loaves of pain au levain on a cooling rack.

    Due to the outrageous demands of about three people, I did another episode of Baking With Kevin, this time about sourdough and walking through my all-time favorite recipe (including the tweaks I’ve made to it over the years I’ve been making it). This was my first time trying out Facebook Live and other than the […]

  • Good Things in Bad Times

    A screenshot of us playing Quiplash over Zoom

    I’m used to working from home. I’ve done it for years. What I’m not used to is the hit my attention span has taken while trying to grapple with what’s going on in the world – both in my home and outside of it. My routine is totally shot, and all attempts to bring it […]

  • Baking With Kevin

    Kevin doing the "huh?" gesture in front of a bowl of pizza dough.

    It’s weird what we come up with when new constraints are added to our daily lives. I never would have thought of doing a Google Meet with friends while I baked bread and talked to myself. Never. But, here we are. Last Sunday, I did a Google Meet with my friend Jes and her three […]

  • Civil Disobedience

    I’m seeing a lot of service workers talking about how awful customers have been this week. I get it, people are stressed and used to taking it out on other people. We don’t have to stand for it. The people working in grocery stores are literally risking their health right now so you can get […]

  • It’s All Possible

    It's up to us - Carl V. Lewis

    Writing a huge blog post (a followup to this one) and slides (for a webinar on 3/19) on remote work, it’s just crystal clear that there’s a huge opportunity during this crisis to make literally EVERYTHING better if we choose to. Work can be more humane. Our governments can be more agile, more compassionate and […]