7 thoughts on “SxSW Interactive 2008”

  1. Congrats on the award!!!! And from the video, you didn’t seem nervous…and it didn’t seem long (no exit music in the background even like the academy awards).
    And, I love the blue hair. My daughter’s taken to doing a blue streak in her hair. I’ll have to show her your picture. Maybe it will win me brownie points :)

  2. That’s very, very blue. Impressive depth and tone of color. Consider me green with envy, but still sporting a very dull, natural hair color. Stupid mandatory conformity.

  3. Kevin, bummer we didn’t get a chance to chat at SXSW but… total congrats on Ficlets’s Web award. I was there cheering you guys on.
    Also… your panel was fantastic. You’re a great public speaker. You have a good stage presence.

  4. Kevin,
    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say a long solid hi. Thanks for coming to the show and hope to get to talk to you last year. you’ve always been a big supporter and we appreciate you.
    Dig the hair.

  5. I meant to congratulate you on Ficlets (Congrats!!) and now I see the real congrats are for the brand new lawver. Enoy!

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