Something in the Water

This is my fifth year at SxSW. Something wonderful happens to me when I’m here with all my crazy creative friends. Some switch gets flip and the tenuous control I have over what comes out of my mouth completely switches off and I become a round mound of manic energy. The pictures have already started showing up on flickr (thanks to MD for documenting it):\
At Break Bread With Brad last night, I won a lovely custom made purse by Cinnamon Cooper. Now, I’m not normally a purse guy, but I made an exception last night and carried it as we wandered around Austin. Jen, you’re getting a really cute little handbag when I get home…

Kevin smiling and holding a tiny handbag

And then there was Dave. I mentioned that Dave had lost a lot of weight since last year, and asked him, of course, if it was a tapeworm. Unfortunately, it was really a medical condition. Thankfully, Dave’s a funny guy, and now “Hey, that tapeworm is stealing my food!” became the first running gag at SxSW for us this year. I don’t know that the picture really captures it, but that’s what we were going for.

Dave Thomas is stealing my marshmallow!

Today, it’s off to some panels, and tomorrow, the Web Awards and Fray. I love SxSW.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. And before everyone starts trying to figure out what medical conditions cause you to lose weight, the answer we were going for was diabetes. Diabetes.
    Seriously, though, everything’s cool now. It was like forced South Beach and now I’m in a good place weight-wise and health-wise.

  2. I’m so happy to see this picture of you with the bag. I hope Jen liked it and I hope you had a delightful time wandering Austin with it tucked gently over your wrist. Thanks for the link.

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