Things You Should Know # 87,295

Good things don’t happen to me*, good things happen to people around me. Which MUST MEAN that I am a super awesome good luck charm. Want proof? Announcing the good things that are happening to other people-

  • Kevin’s pet project, ficlets, was nominated for two awards at SXSWi.
  • Heather, my SIL, was featured in a documentary, We Are Wizards, that will be shown at SXSW Film.
  • Brooke White, a friend of a friend, is on American Idol and she made it to the TOP 12. Way to go Brooke! YAY! It’s exciting to see her doing so well. For those of you into this sort of thing, check her out. If you like what you see, be sure to call in your support. Thanks! Here are her last three Idol performances: Beautiful, You’re So Vain, and Love Is a Battlefield.
  • Sharon, my baby cousin (not to be confused with Lauren, my itty bitty baby cousin), had her baby! Welcome Andrew:\
    He is so cute and smoochable (but only on the top of the head!). And look at Aunt Margie. Doesn’t she look too young to be a grandma? Where is her white hair and denim jumper?\
    Congrats to everyone on the list. And no need to thank me. :)\
    * This isn’t a woe-is-me statement, just a fact. I don’t have a job, I don’t create things, I don’t work on projects or get promotions or any of that. I did make a damn fine turkey chili the other night, though. 🙂


  1. I can’t believe you’re a friend of a friend of Brooke’s. I picked her out as my fav idol girl.
    Guess now that there’s the family connection, I have to be sure to vote.

  2. Dear Jen,
    I have to get the update out to everyone but after Sharon refused to leave the baby they realized they might have some “issues” on their hands. The Dr. came in and felt it best that baby be with mommy so they let him come home late last night!!!!! I got here as soon as I could!
    I asked Sharon if the issues had been resolved. No, he still has high white blood cell count but he was starting to not feed – he wanted his mommy!!! So she brought him home and we will go to the Pediatrician on Monday morning.
    I think you are right though – they seem to blow things up out of porportion because I had spoken to her at noon yesterday and she was in tears because they said it would be DAYS before he could come home! I then spoke to her at 3 and suddenly he was being considered to go home that night!
    Anyway, YEAH! he is home… first night was good, the parents are still asleep and so is the baby. I was up until almost 1 with Sharon and Andrew and then had to fall alseep. I did here him once in the night but they got him quickly or I was too tired to hear! haha
    By the way – you don’t create? Your two beautiful boys are your greatest creation (ok, co-creation, haha) and you love decorating your home! And you have a blog! And you create the atmosphere that makes your hubby want to come home to you, and you create love for your family so that your sons are happiest when they are with you. Shall I go on???? Because I could!!!!
    Love you,
    Auntie M

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