Brian broke his arm yesterday- Eeeep.

When I went to pick him up from preschool, he was sitting at the bottom of the playground’s slide with an ice bag. Brian said he was climbing the ladder to the slide and his hands slipped off and he fell. He was favoring his hurt arm like a wounded dog and he wouldn’t stop crying, so I knew something was seriously wrong.\
In the ER they had to manipulate his arm to take the x-rays, which hurt, and then again to set it in a temporary cast. The poor kid kept crying. They did give him 3 shots of morphine throughout the night, so yay for that.\
After we got home, I had to get up every two hours to check his circulation. I was wandering around in a groggy fog and felt like a new mom must feel. It was surreal to be back there. I even slept for part of the night hanging half off of Brian’s bed.\
We have to go see the pediatric orthopedist on Monday to determine if it needs surgery or just a cast. Boo. The break is right above the elbow of his dominant hand. I was like, “Will he still be able to pitch for the Yankees? What about playing the piano?” Ha.\
Kevin was due back into town last night around 1am. He found several emails and phone messages from different family members waiting for him, so he wouldn’t worry if he came home to an empty house. His plane got in late so we were home before he was. The poor guy kind of received a shock when he checked his blackberry when the plane landed.\
Brian is awake, watching Spongebob. He seems to be ok for right now. Earlier he was in a lot of pain but refused to take his medicine. Every time I tried to sneak it in, he would spit it out. I finally got him to take 1/4 of a dose by mixing it with some with juice. He wouldn’t take any more though. He started to retch (thankfully nothing came up), and in that whirlwind, I knocked over the rest of the medicine. Kevin is out getting more.\
And how was your Friday night?\
ETA- Kevin asked the pharmacy for yummy-tasting medicine. They gave him grape, which Brian took from Kevin without a peep of protest. Now Brian is watching Kevin play videogames (at B’s request).


  1. Does Brian want to be inducted into the Danger boys society? Oh, I feel so terrible for him… and for you! I would have had a brain aneurysm over the whole ordeal.

  2. thanks for the update—I’ve been thinking of you all today. am crossing my fingers for no surgery.

  3. Oh Jen, Honey! I am so sorry for you and for Brian! Nothing is worse than our children hurting!
    Be sure to let me know what the Dr. says on Monday.
    I wanted to write to you and tell you a BIG THANK YOU for your suggestion of Sweet Pea holding the baby in a football hold. We are rearranging things so that she can do that with him for a little bit tonight. He needs his mommy! THANK YOU for that wonderful thought. None of us is thinking clearly through the fog of everything. Her biggest worry was him kicking her scars because he has really long legs so that football hold will work perfectly!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!
    As for the new mother getting up in the middle of the night thing – wow… I am experiencing that right now as I have had Andrew with me for the past two nights to allow Sweet Pea to rest. She is pumping so I just give him a bottle of her milk. I cannot tell you how much harder it is at almost 47 than it was in my 20’s. Now I know why people have kids when they are young!!!!!
    Special love and hugs to Brian, poor baby. Make sure he makes Max wait on him hand and foot. haha!
    Auntie M

  4. Good grief, it does run in the family! And hooray for grape. That’s the only flavor Sam will ever take too.

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