One thought on “Christmas overview”

  1. Dear Jen,
    Thank you for sharing these photos!!! If you have more, please share. Your mom is so beautiful. Her hair is gorgeous and she is smiling away — must have been happy to have her family there! She is just beaming!
    But… please tell her that the price of pork on her sign has been the same since 1988 and I insist she allow for inflation. (teehee)
    you ALMOST got Aunt Edna to look up! haha…. sounds like it was a fabulous Christmas!
    As for the house — why are you renting the one in VA? Is it not a good time to sell there? I know it sucks big time here in Az. but I just thought back there was better? Guess it’s a struggle everywhere.
    The houses you are looking at look wonderful! I am so sick of stucco and would kill for a brick house — siding, ANYTHING other than STUCCO!!!!!!! :-) People in other areas of the country are living in mcmansions for the price of a house here (well, except since the drastic fall of value!! ARGH!!!!)
    Love ya,
    Auntie M

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