More Love For HBO

There’s more to love about The Wire. Last night’s episode was TiVo’ed, and I got around to watching it tonight. The opening scene with McNulty sending his kids off to follow Stringer Bell around using the old “front and follow” method was incredible. It was really funny, and just perfect.

It’s such a great show, well done, well written… just about perfect. I’ve talked about it before, so I won’t keep going on about it, but you should definitely watch it.

In other news, there is no other news.

It seems that all the pain at work has been worth it. Things are fast, people are happy, and it’s just nice to know that something is working out of all this mess I’ve had to deal with for the past three months.

3 thoughts on “More Love For HBO

  1. Exactly! I can’t believe there’s a possibility it won’t be back for a second season (although it ended on a funny, but kind of depressing note with McNulty on Harbor Patrol). I guess we’ll see what happens. HBO REALLY needs a solid replacement for Oz, and I think The Wire is perfect in that role.

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