Wild Sage Cafe

Max and I went out today to gather some last-minute Mother’s Day stuff and to get out of the house to give Jen the day off. We went to work to pick up some presents I’d stashed there, and play foosball. Then, we went to lunch at The Wild Sage Cafe. It’s right down the street, and I’ve been meaning to go in since they opened a few months ago. The place wasn’t crowded, and is very nicely decorated. The menu isn’t gigantic, but has enough to variety to please pretty much anyone. Max got the kid’s chicken tenders and fries, and I got the pulled pork sandwich. Let’s talk about the sandwich. It was huge, almost three inches tall before I squashed it down. There was a healthy portion of pork (half a pound, maybe?) with a homemade barbecue sauce, with coleslaw under the meat and crispy onion strips on top, all contained in a lovely soft kaiser roll. On top of that, the fries were perfect: crunchy on the outside without being too crunchy on the inside.

Even Max’s chicken tenders were breaded there by hand, and were very good. We got gelato for dessert. I’m not sure it was homemade, but the chocolate was very good.

It’s on Church, two blocks from the corner of 28 and Church/Waxpool. If you’re in Sterling, please check it out.

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By Kevin Lawver

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