Tcling Bodies

Switching back and forth between java and Tcl sucks. Do I use parens or curlies? Do I use a dollar sign or not? Do I have to put a semi-colon? I’ve been doing more Tcl stuff this week than I have in a long time, and it’s nice. I can make it do whatever I want, unlike Java where I’m constantly looking things up and making mistakes. My mistakes in Tcl are almost always typos and not syntactical boo-boos. I’ve been playing with tDOM, and I have to say it’s veddy veddy nice. It makes parsing XML so much easier than ns_xml and is millions of times better than ripping it up using plain old string commands. Now that I’ve started playing with it, it makes me want to write an RSS reader or some cool Google API application. It really makes me wish I could afford to get an AOLserver hosted site instead of the normal Apache/PHP/MySQL setup I’ve got now (and like 99% of you, I bet).\
I didn’t hit 276 today (didn’t go up or down… stayed right at 277), so I have to wait another day to order the Sidekick. Oh well. It’s funny. It happens every few days. I’ll go three or four days losing between half a pound and a pound, and then one day where nothing happens. The next day, I could be down two or two and a half. Bodies are weird.

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By Kevin Lawver

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