It’s Almost a Reality

This may be where I’m staying in France:
L’Ermitage du Riou
. Holy crap, I’m really going to France!

Last Saturday we made a trek to the local used book store, where I
picked up a beat up French/English Dictionary and a French Grammar
refresher. I also got biographies of Truman and Lincoln for the plane, a
copy of Gray’s Anatomy for Max, a very cool Gray’s Anatomy coloring
book, and Max got a couple books for himself. I’m excited. I have plane
reservations, language, and almost hotel reservations. I have suitcases,
will get plane snacks, an appetite, curiosity, and now need to go get
some good walking boots and make sure I know where I put my passport.

And after that comes Austin and
SXSW Interactive, and the
chance to meet a bunch of bloggers I’ve been reading for years, and see
what everyone else is up to in the web world. I can’t wait!! Oh, and I’m
all set for Austin. I have plane, hotel, car, etc all taken care of.
Thanks to
, I have dinner plans for Thursday night.

Oh yeah… wait, I need to get back to work. It’s really hard to
concentrate with all this travel on the horizon.

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