Coughing fit

I have a really bad, tickly itch in my throat and lungs that won’t go away. (I had a cold last week.) Any suggestions for how to get rid if it?

One response to “Coughing fit”

  1. You’d think I’d have more to offer, but here’s what I can think of hearing various doctor’s say.
    Humidifier at night.
    Lots and lots of fluids.
    Not antibiotics.
    Lots of fluids.
    Gargle salt water.
    Don’t gargle liquid nitrogen.
    Neck rubs (which can be done by a seated person).
    Cough drops, lozenges or sugar free lemon drops.
    Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (or, um, frozen yogurt, yeah, cause it’s healthier).
    If there is postnasal drip involved, decongest like crazy! (pseudofed during the day and benedryl at night)
    Sam is taking the house apart, and that’s all I can think of right now. Good luck!

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