UPN can kiss my ass

There was another event last night, open only to people who blog about Veronica Mars.\
Once again, I wasn’t on the list.\
Whatever. The peeps-in-charge obviously don’t know how cool I am and how utterly dedicated to the pimping of the show I have become. Oh, um, yea… I might not have been invited because there is no email link on this blog! (I still love you anyway, Kev!)\
The thing last night was an online press conference where the bloggin’ posers (ahem, coughsojealouscough) got to ask questions to Rob Thomas, the creator of VM, and Jason Dohring, one of the stars. Doesn’t that sound cool?\
But whatever. I am still cool too, dammit, even without UPN validation!\
The big “news” to come from last night is that Rob Thomas is thinking about switching from one season-long mystery to three smaller mysteries that have a seven or eight episode arc. (This would be to eliminate the mid-season slow-down that occurred this year with the bus-crash mystery.) And he wants our thoughts on this subject! Which is kinda scary, but kinda cool. If he wants to take advantage of a free focus group, more power to him!\
Did you know, Veronica Mars is moving to Tuesdays, starting April 11. Still on the UPN, still on at 9pm! I think UPN will still be re-airing the epsiode two more times over the week: Wednesday and either Saturday or Sunday, depending on your local affiliate. So, CHECK IT OUT!

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.

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  1. Dean Burris says:

    Comment is really for Kevin because Jen doesn’t know who I am 😉
    Anyway, I didn’t realize how into Veronica Mars y’all are. I actually used to hang out with Rob Thomas some years back in college. He was in a band called Public Bulletin and later Hey Zeus (some of their music was good, but it doesn’t age well). I was friends with one of the other band members. Rob played bass and sometimes sang. Nice guy, though I took a date to one of their shows and instead of thanking me for taking her to the show, she wanted me to introduce her to Rob. I’ll never forget that. Rob stole my date 😉

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