New things sometimes suck

When I opened the back of the van this morning, to load my newly purchased groceries, I found a case of Dr. Pepper Berries ‘n Cream. While I normally avoid caffeine, I decided to try it because: 1) today is my “day off” and I need to be awake to enjoy it! 2) I actually have a lot of chores to do and need the energy to do them, 3) I have to take Max to soccer practice, and can’t allow the usual 5pm slowdown to occur, 4) Veronica Mars is new tonight so I need to stay awake to watch it and 5) I love Dr. Pepper, so I wanted to try this new variety.\
But let me tell you, Dr. Pepper Berries ‘n Cream SUCKS! Bleacky.

One response to “New things sometimes suck”

  1. Thanks for the warning. It certainly sounds like something I would try…even though, um, yeah, I stay away from caffeine too, cause I’m good and stuff.

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