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Today is Max’s birthday. He is the big 7. I can’t believe it. He is such a handsome, funny, smart, and thoughtful boy. He is in the first grade and has classes in art, music, PE, and Spanish. They also have library time, computer lab time, and SEARCH instruction (like GATE). I am like, when do you have time to learn anything? Heh. He has his first school math book-wheee, and even has homework to do each night.\
Since we are still kind of sick, we are having a small celebration tonight with just the family who lives and breathes on and shares germs with other everyday. Pizza, cake & ice cream, and presents! Sounds fun, huh? And then later in the week, we will get together with the other family members. Hopefully, we will be all better then.\
Now, for the only other thing I seem to post about: TV!\
Gilmore Girls: Pretty good episode. Luke’s “You are the one that proposed to me,” was a killer. Ouch. The Lane sex talk was potentially interesting until it became farcical, especially the way Lane was raised. Remember kids, knowledge is power. Rory calling out her mom was awesome and realistic, in my opinion. Finally, Rory was a grmupy ass with realistic reason. And then she got to realize that parents aren’t perfect, without beating us over the head. Much thanks to the writers for understanding that viewers have a brain. And how freakin’ crazy is it that Liz and TJ have the healthiest relationship on the show?\
Veronica Mars: Ok, people, why aren’t you watching this show? (Maybe viewers don’t have a brain, afterall.) Since Kevin hasn’t seen the episode yet (he was busy wrapping presents lastnight), I don’t want to get too detailed, but I loved:

  • Piz. Has a lot of entertainment potential.
  • Dick never fails to entertain me.
  • BSG shout out! (And one on GG earlier, too.)
  • “What about the bitch he’s seeing?” Heeee!
  • “Nice shirt” OMG, I LOVE these people. How awesome was this one moment? I still miss what Duncan could have been in season two.
  • Damn, that sex looked hot.
  • I so appreciate the end. (Purposeful vagueness for those who haven’t watched it yet.)\
    Nip/Tuck: After Rosie pimped her appearance, I had to watch. Wow, she was kind of amazing in it. There wasn’t a hint of Rosie’s public persona in that character. I was also surprised to learn that they are tackling the problems of Scientology on the show. That is ballsy.\
    Studio 60: I laughed so hard, I coughed up a lung. I heart Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry together.\
    Danny: I can’t seem to remember. Are you a boy pussycat or a girl pussycat?\
    Matt: What the hell?\
    Danny: You’re a boy pussycat. You’re a pussy-boy.
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  1. I took Sam for a little walk in the rain, and when I came back Monica was literally giddy from having got to watch the first half of the Veronica Mars premiere. What is it about that show? Oh well, as long as it made her happy.

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