The confessions of a true fangirl

I took part in a teleconference with Eric Kripke, creator and Executive
Producer of Supernatural, lastnight. It was fun and amusing and
enlightening. Talking with him made me squee, cuz he loves his show and
that enthusiasm is infectious. He was asked questions about: a potential
love interest, John’s fate, Sam’s powers, Dean’s amulet, Dean’s bloody
eyes in Bloody Mary, what John said in the season premiere, the Myspace
music contest, gay jokes and “Jensen and Jared can’t keep their hands
off of each other.”
copied the unofficial transcript here.
Bragging rights to the first
person who correctly identifies my question!\
I am really impressed with the attention to detail and his insistence
that all monsters and demons refered to must be found in real myths and
folklore. Nothing can just be made up. I also love that he is in tune
with the fans desires and fears and said, “We’ll keep something if it
works and get rid of something if it doesn’t. I am a bigger fan than
anyone and am very protective of the show.” He also gave us some scoop
(extra, extra, you read it hear first!) that they are in talks to do a
comic book about John Winchester, the early years, with Sam and Dean as
wee babies.\
I love being able to chat with the guys in charge, to get a feel for
their general attitude about different aspects of their shows. It was
fun and I hope to continue having these neat-o opportunities.

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