Small World, Good World

One of the victims in the Amish school shooting is Anna Mae Stoltzfus. We’ve been up up to the Stoltzfus place to buy eggs and cheese and met Mrs. Stoltzfus and most of the kids. We call Mrs. Stoltzfuz the egg lady and Anne travels up there so frequently they are practically Christmas card buddies. I am not sure if this is the exact same family, or maybe some cousins. Sad though, either way.\
Yesterday, on Max’s birthday, the kids and I spent three hours at the doctor’s office. It was not fun but the kids were very well behaved. I was especially impressed with Brian whose nap was interupted for the appointment and who refused to eat lunch because I wouldn’t give him an early peice of birthday cake. I wasn’t expecting such a long visit, so I didn’t bring any toys or snacks with me! Brian only started fussing the last half hour, which was almost 9 hours since he’d eaten last. By the time we got home, we were frazzled and tired. We goofed off for an hour, unwinding. By the time the pizza came, Max was too tired to eat. We opened presents, sang happy birthday, offered the smallest peice of cake to each boy, and the sent them off to bed. Whew. Max was very pleased with his haul. So was Brian. :)\
Totally O/T but funny- After Max read my Parents magazine today, he asked what “boobies” are. Ha. Should I be happy or sad he didn’t know before?

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