Remember when I squeed all over myself about last week’s Supernatural? Well, last night’s was even better. You guys really need to watch this. I didn’t steer you wrong with Veronica Mars, did I? (Speaking of which, I just recieved an email from a friend thanking me for hooking her on Veronica Mars. Hee.)\
Last night’s episode was the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed. (Two points for anyone who gets that reference.) As always, the show delivered a great balance of emotion and humor. And it added the scary! Not since The X-Files have I been so scared. Previously, my only real criticism of the show had been that it wasn’t as scary as it was trying to be. But last night’s episode used the ‘less is more’ mentality employed by Jaws. The suspense of what you think might happen is scarier than anything that could have been shown. A** for an excellent episode.\
Who out there is watching this show too?

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. I haven’t missed an episode. I Tivo it and catch it after the kids go to bed.
    It’s my second favorite show. My first being Bones on Wed. night. The girl is my idol. (Barring, of course, a few key ideas.)

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