I’m baaaaaack.

Kevin is messing around with lawver.net, which means I can’t blog on my own. Everything has to go through him now, until he is done “fixing” it. This is why I haven’t blogged in awhile. I cry foul and censorship! I know you all are dying to know what I think about the Haggard scandal, the upcoming election, the botched Kerry joke, and especially the latest Veronica Mars and Supernatural. But, well, too bad. Blame Kevin. (eta- he fixed the blog!) Today I will blog about nothing important, which is kind of appropriate given my chosen topic.\
I am the worst kind of procrastinator. When I procrastinate, I usually don’t just do nothing. I end up doing unimportant (relative to my ‘to do’ list) things, which leaves me too tired to tackle the real list. This morning I have errands, dishes, and laundry waiting for me. But instead, I busied myself rearranging the living room slightly and moving things out that don’t belong. In high school when I wanted to avoid homework, I would clean my room and when I wanted to avoid cleaning my room, I would do homework. There are a million toys that need to be picked up from the dining room but I think I will go organize my pantry instead. Toodles!\
ETA- I received two more definitions for my favorite new unword, “provolactic.”\
Aunt Margie, showing her PA heritage, claims it is the lack of provolone cheese in the fridge thus preventing the making of a homemade Italian Hoagie. I bet she would be really jealous to know that I found authentic sweet peppers for hoagies at my local grocery store. It only took 6 years, but they’ve finally arrived in Sterling!\
Tim thinks it is the position, or a person favoring the position, that cows should be given the right of choice, or volition, as to what happens with their milk. Closely related to vegans.

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  1. What time should I be there for the homemade hoagies? Hmmmm?????? 🙂
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