Ode to a love… seat

I am in the process of “redecorating” my living room. I use quotes
because I am not really making that many changes. I found new curtains
that will let me keep my existing sofa sectional, and I think we won’t
need to entirely repaint, just touch up over Brian’s crayon scrawls.
Basically that means I replaced the curtains, a desk, occasional tables,
art, lamps, am adding a storage cabinet, and am swapping a loveseat for
a side chair.\
When we bought our townhouse, Kevin and I decided to make our living
room and dining area nice and adult (no Target art like we had in
college), without being too formal: beautiful taupe suede paint on the
walls, cherry wood occasional tables, to-die-for drapes, colorful glass
vases, an extra large dining table for guests. After 5 years of living
with this though, I have accepted my laziness (I never used a cover for
the table and the water spots were destroying the finish), lack of a
social life (most of the chairs went unused and were cumbersome for the
size of the area), the desire for the computer to be moved from the
basement office to a more central location, and the need for more
storage. (TMI alert- Kevin thinks I have a storage fetish. But you try
living in a townhouse without a garage, two kids with more clothes than
their parents, and a husband’s comic book collection.)\
So, I gave up on “adult” and embraced the IKEA look. While my mom is
probably cringing at the thought of the computer in the living
(and not even hiding in a cabinet!), I love the new look and
feel. So much more relaxed, casual, and bright. But, it means I have to
say goodbye to my beloved love seat. The love seat was given to me by
some family friends and my MIL and I recovered it in gorgeous gold
fabric. It’s so lovely, I hate to see it go. But I don’t have anywhere
to put it. (It is up for grabs, if you can haul it away yourself. First
one to claim it, can have it.) BTW, when the living room is finished, I
will probably post pics! But this post is to say goodbye to my beautiful
love seat. Sniff. According to my MIL, the fabric is silk with cotton
over-embroidery. Oy, I may need a tissue. My MIL even
hand-stitched the pleats down in the front AND back because I am
kind of ‘detail-focused,’ sometimes. Later we realized couches that you
buy in stores don’t even have that detail! Hmm, she may need a tissue
Isn’t it lovely?\
Isn't it lovely?\
ETA- she just emailed me, “I still wish I had a home for it. It is like
giving away our first child. OK, not quite that serious.” But still

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