Oh, Happy Day

* John McCain is running! Yippeee! That should make Kevin a very happy man, unless he has become too jaded.
* *Supernatural* is on tonight! (Thursdays on The CW at 9 EST)
* After one whole day, the kitchen floor is still clean.
* It’s Thursday, which means it is almost Friday, which means it is almost the weekend.
* Sneak peek of the next Veronica Mars.
* My king-sized blanket is still cuddly and soft.
* All the preschoolers in Alabama survived the devastation of their building being destroyed by a storm.
* Max got his report card yesterday and is doing very well in school.
What are you happy about today?

3 thoughts on “Oh, Happy Day

  1. I would be excited if McCain hadn’t turned The Straight Talk Express into a medicine show for W. He sold out to the jackasses who beat him with dirty tricks and lies in the 2000 election. I would have happily voted for him in 2000, but no longer. The Republican Party is a _much_ different animal than it was and I won’t vote for any of them until they prove they can change.

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