Predictions for Tomorrow

Waldo asked for predictions but apparently, my network is on some sort of blacklist and I can’t post a comment. So, here are my predictions for tomorrow, in no particular order:

  • Jim Webb will beat George Allen, but it’ll be close enough that there will be a recount.
  • Cardin will beat Steele easily, like 10-15 points easily up there in Maryland.
  • Frank Wolf will trounce Judy Feder, if only because no one knows who she is. I’ve asked, and even some left-leaning folks I know have no idea who she is.
  • I think ballot issue number one (the stupid “marriage defense” amendment) will pass because people didn’t take the time to read the damn thing. It’s just plain bad law. Gay marriage is already illegal in Virginia, people. You’re not making it any safer, because eventually, the Supreme Court (of the US, not VA) will rule on it, and you’ll have to live with it anyway. No vague threat of “liberal judges” will actually make a difference in the long run.
  • The Democrats will take the house with a 25 seat gain.
  • The Senate will end up 50-50 somehow. I’m not exactly sure which one of the races won’t go the Dems way, but something’s going to happent to make it 50-50. I hope for a 6 or 7 seat gain for our side, but I don’t think it’ll happen.\
    I’m sad about the last one, and I hope I’m wrong. I just don’t know if the Democrats have that much momentum, and after hearing about all the dirty tricks with robocalls and some really horrible flyers in the past couple days, I’m even less sure. We’ll see. Tomorrow’s the day, kids, so don’t forget to vote. Really.
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By Kevin Lawver

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    BTW, nice-looking site!

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