Kids Love the Ska

Want to make your kids dance like mad little dervishes? Throw on some ska! I was listening to the SKAverville episode of Coverville where Brian played an unbelievable version of the Can Can. I loved it so much, I made Max listen to it (because he was nearby). He giggled uncontrollably and then started boogying. I tried it this morning on Brian with the same results – spinning happy kid.\
There you go, scientific proof that kids love ska. If you don’t have some, I highly recommend the Trojan Ska Revival. It’s got the Can Can on it, and most of the rest of the songs were recorded live, so they’re chock full of energy. These are going in the “dance” playlist we have in iTunes that we roll out when the boys need to let off some excess energy before bed time (I Like to Move It from Madagascar is one of their favorite “dance freakout” songs, along with Move Your Feet by Junior Senior).\
I love watching Max and Brian dance. It’s this funny combination of running, hand waving, head bobbing and butt shakin’ that warms my heart and makes me giggle. When Brian’s just grooving, he does this cute little head bob with the beat that just cracks me up. I’ll try to get it on video in the near future…

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. If you dug Bad Manners’ version of the Can Can, you should check out the “Dance Craze” soundtrack. The film was a documentary of the 2-Tone ska era in the UK in the early ’80s and the soundtrack is all-live ska music. Good stuff.
    Not sure if it’s still available on CD or not, though. If not, let me know, I’ll get you a copy.

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