Church-y stuff.

I stopped going to church because I am lazy (didn’t want to take the kids by myself when Kev was out of town or laid up with broken ankle). I kept not going because of a decision made by the leadership which I don’t agree with. So much about the church is good, yet this one part is so very, very bad it may outweigh the good.\
I have been thinking about just pushing my concerns aside and going back (New Year and all that), but every time I really think about the issue, it just bothers me so much and I can’t stomach the thought.\
I am not sure what Kevin and I are going to do, especially with regards to the kids. So, nobody should make any nonrefundable travel plans to be here for Max’s 8th birthday in hopes of seeing something special. We will be having a birthday celebration, regardless, so no worries on that front.


  1. The Mighty Tim says:

    I know you have a thing about lurking (non-commenting), so I’m commenting, cause I care and all, not that I know what to say, so I should shut up, yet I ramble instead. Silly me, eh.

  2. Low Level says:

    Lazy I can understand. Hurt feelings, I’ve had those, too. Just want to understand what was announced from HQ that struck a nerve. All I’ve heard was exactly the same as was published in the Proclamation on the Family in 1995. They simply state the position of the Church on what marriage is in the gospel plan, then encourage us to make wise choices. I personally don’t think the law should be changed to promote anything contrary to the gospel plan. People still can exercise their free agency without civil punishments or civil rewards. Let them deal with the natural and eternal consequences as is the case with all of our choices.

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