Check Out My Face!

A pal at work today told me to check out this thing called the AOL Image Organizer. I did, and it’s pretty cool. It’s over on the Greenhouse (which I love… give people a place to put out things that aren’t quite done, get them seen and get feedback), so it’s really not done. But, it does one really cool thing – it recognizes faces! I threw in a bunch of pictures of people from my Flickr stream, and it did a pretty damn good job of picking out people.
Check it out, and let ’em know how you like it… keeping in mind that it’s not done (I couldn’t figure out how to add new face boxes to photos it didn’t see a face in originally). And yeah, it’s only for Windows. But, you could go download Cheshire (a very cool collection of AOL-related Mac apps) or my AIM Fight Dashboard widget.

3 thoughts on “Check Out My Face!

  1. I didn’t download it, cause I’d only screw it up and kill my computer in the process, but wow, that sounds like a really neat application of facial recognition. It’s like the future is here, man.

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