Life Update

  • Kevin is now a Systems Architect. YAY!
  • Max got the second lead in the first grade musical. YAY! He is a great white shark who helps a little fish learn that ‘special’ friends (like a seven-legged octopus) are just as great as non-special friends. The teacher forgot to include a whole page of dialog! Max and I caught the error fairly quickly, so no major harm done.
  • Brian is speaking up a storm, learning his letters, and loves to draw the clues along with Steve or Joe while watching Blues Clues. YAY! He knows about a third to a half of the alphabet. It’s only been in the last month that he has really shown any interest. He is even starting to draw some of the letters too. So far his favorite seems to be ‘B’.
  • I had brunch with some friends yesterday. YAY!
  • We have new neighbors finally. YAY! It’s a cute family of three and the wife is expecting baby #2. She is also a stay-at-home mom and the daughter is Brian’s age. So we now have three two year olds in a row in our town home cluster. It should be extra fun in the Spring. The husband was extra chatty when I introduced myself, so he should get along with Kevin well. Plus, they didn’t shovel right away after the snow storm. I love that in neighbors, honestly. That way I am not peer-pressured into shoveling before a reasonable time has passed.
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  1. You crack me up, Jen. This is so not good that Brian is already writing. We can’t hardly get Sam to pick up a pencil, although she is starting to be able to spell words if we say them slowly and enunciate.

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