Good News! (Mostly)

Brian was much perkier this morning. His eyes were open most of the way, whereas yesterday they were only open a sliver. His fever broke sometime in the night, too. YAY! He is still sick, but he played with a toy and only slept at nap time.\
Ooooo, cute story from yesterday. So we’re driving along, poor sicko Brian in his carseat, his puffy, swollen eyes barely open and suddenly he lifts his arm. After a minute I realized he was playing the road trip game we played on the way to Mississippi where we’d lift our arm when we went over bridges. Even totally sick and worn out, with his eyes barely open, Brian saw that we were going over a bridge so he lifted his arm. We played all the way to the hospital and all the way home. It made my heart smile.\
We went back to the doctor today. Brian has something going on in his upper right lung, so the doctor put him on oral antibiotics, his ear infection looks worse, and he is a little dehydrated. We have a follow-up on Friday. I am really thankful I don’t work. I am not sure how working parents do it. As it was, Kevin had to work from home so he’d be here when Max got home because the dr’s appointments have been interfering with bus-drop-off time.\
In case you missed it in all the above wordiness, the good news is that Brian is getting better!\
Also, more good news:\
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  1. A new Ben and Jerry’s flavor?! Oh, and, um, Brian is getting better, huh? Good news all around. I’d say that this calls for a celebritory pint of, oh I don’t know, something cold, creamy and with a hint of mockery.

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