Happy Friday!

FYI, Kevin forgot his sidekick at home. It keeps growling at me every 2 minutes when he gets a new message. I don’t like the buzz feature. Mm, I guess it’s actually called vibrate. But whatever. It sounds more like a buzz.\
Today is the second unnecessary snow day in a row. Booo. But I totally got to sleep in until 10 am, so YAY! My van is stuck behind a huge ice wall still, so while I am out and about tomorrow, I am totally taking the Volvo. Oh, yea. :)\
TV was awesome last night. I laughed so hard during Supernatural I couldn’t breathe.\
Kevin bought me an iHome, which is an iPod speaker and alarm clock thingie for our room. I have been playing on iTunes ever since, making new playlists. I could have one for everyday of the week! Yippee. Monday’s would be Manic Monday on repeat for 10 times. Tuesday has Veronica Mars, so the playlist would feature something from the show. Wednesdays would HAVE to include My Humps, of course. Hmm, what would Thursday’s contain? Friday would be super happy music, starting with Friday I’m in Love. I am actually in love everyday of teh week, but that song is a Friday classic. Saturday would have something jazzy and nice, something pilfered from Kevin. Sunday would be mellow and calm, but not overly emo. Poor Thursday is still empty. I must think on it.\
Happy Weekend everyone!\
ETA- Eh, I am over the weekdays’ playlist idea already. Though I have been enjoying Tegan and Sara’s Monday, Monday, Monday today.