My dad asked me to blog more.

Only three more days until Paris! Two more days until my mom comes! Wheeee.\
I spent a good portion of this morning cleaning out my fridge, in preparation of my mother’s arrival. The more I clean, the more dirty things there are. Grrrr. There are crannies and nooks in the fridge that I can’t get to and the gunk that I can see is driving me crazy. Plus, I can’t get the vent-thingie at the bottom of the fridge clean. Booooo. Does that come off? Maybe I will try q-tips to get in there. Or Valium and a nap. Ha. The funniest thing about this situation is that our carpet is stained and the walls have crayon all over them, but I am fretting over fridge crannies.\
Whenever I have problems like this, I am always tempted to take a picture to mail to my dad so he can talk me through to a solution. (Hi Dad, love you!)\
I realized the baseboards haven’t been dusted in a long while either. Man, after all of this cleaning, I am going to need a vacation! I even dusted the books.\
Earlier in the week, I put away Brian’s 2T’s and got out the old 3 and 4T’s. Brian now has too many clothes for them to fit in his dresser when they are all clean (as they are currently). So now I have to re-organize his closet to fit some of his clothes in there. I am not sure when I will find time to do this since I apparently have to add, “dust baseboards” to my chore list.\
Brian quirks-\
“There” used to = “left” but is now “left way” as Brian tries to communicate more clearly.\
Movie= Hoovie.\
Move= Oof.\
Has been waking up at 6 am. Poooooo.\
Loves the food from my plate more than his plate, even when it is the same food.\
Max’s quirks-\
Couldn’t care less if his pants are on backwards, which they sometimes are.\
Sleeps on the floor on a pile of blankets because he thinks his bed is uncomfortable.\
Takes his pants off immediately upon coming home; his shirt is sometimes off by dinnertime.\
Turned down a piece of cake this week. Whaa?? I couldn’t believe it. It was the best cake ever, too!\
I am tired. ttyl, peeps.


  1. Wow, Max really is a little nudist. What does he walk around the house in?

  2. His tighty-whities… I keep trying to get him to put pants on, but they always end up on the floor somewhere.

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