Lalala, I am bored

My kids are really well behaved. YAY! But they do have some annoying traits. Let me share some with you, ok? OK!\
He says, “Mommy?” I stop what I am doing and look at him, “Yes?” Then he doesn’t say anything for a minute. 60 seconds. Oy. Usually after the 15th second, I return back to my task. Max will then say, “Mommy?” again and we start over. He seems lost in his thoughts or distracted by something else, not merely ignoring me, but it happens every single time. Ask Kevin, he’ll back me up.\
He asks me to read video game instruction booklets, because they have bright, pretty pictures on the cover. These aren’t entertaining in any shape or form. I want to hide them from him, but that seems mean.\
Kevin and I are totally perfect and not annoying in the slightest though. It’s true.


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