One week until Paris!

According to an article at CNN, if I got paid for being a good stay-at-home mom, I would be earning \$138,000. Woot!\
Only one more week until my mom comes to town to watch the kids while we’re in Paris. Whee. I am excited to see my mom. Still so much to do before our Paris trip, not the least of which is finding a good book or two. Kevin doesn’t want me to take our hardback Harry Potter books since they are so big and heavy.\
New Supernatural on tonight. YAY for fun tv!\
I need to lock Kevin in his office for half an hour so he can upload some videos to the site I want him to share with you all. He’s just too busy sometimes.\
After dinner one night Max said, “Oh yea, I need to take a puppet of a Roman soldier dressed in a toga to school tomorrow“. I ran and got Kevin, who dropped everything to draw a soldier for Max. YAY!\
Max made a sign that read, “No surgery for intersex kids.” Hmm, I think someone needs to pre-check his reading again.\
Brian continues to be super cute, and I love that Kevin’s second instinct was to take a picture:\
sad Brian

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  1. I would love to hear Max’s explanation of his sign.

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