Brian update

Brian had his 3 year check up today. He is in the 100% for height and weight, 41 inches and 40 pounds, respectively. The doctor is a little concerned that he isn’t as verbal as he should be. She suggested I have him evaluated by the county speech therapists again, but also said that starting preschool in the fall would probably help him improve. And apparently he should be able to put on his own pants. I think that makes me officially off of pants duty, except for my own pantsing needs. She also suggested that he watch no more than an hour of tv a day. Which, HA! For the first time ever, she also asked if Kevin or I had high cholesterol. I thought that was odd. She always asked about smoking, pool, guns, well water, pets, etc. But this was the first time she inquired about our health. Hmm. Brian received a shot today, but is in good health. YAY!


  1. Had the same speech issue with my first born.
    Talked to a speech therapist in an elementary school in MS.
    She said: take into consideration that boys mature slower than girls and that includes speech. She gave me a list of phonetics in the (generally accepted) order of learning and some sounds aren’t completely conquered until 6 … especially for boys.
    Pre-school is like a jumping board. The first month fixes almost all the concerns you may have with a child’s speech. (Teachers are trained to hear possible problems and will bring them to you – if she doesn’t, get a new teacher.)Then the first born teaches the second and you no longer have concerns about them learning how to speak.
    The concerns later revolve around teaching them how to shut up.

  2. Hey Sweetie,
    I just want to say regular ed. teachers are NOT trained to listen to a child’s speech patterns or impediments. And preschool teachers are often not even certified teachers with degrees (although they can be) so I wouldn’t count on them. A speech therapist within the district will be the one that is trained and has the knowledge you are seeking.
    Having several years experience, I can always refer a child that I feel has a speech difficulty but there was not one single class I took that trained me in speech. Speech therapists are highly trained and we often have a shortage of them.
    Little L didn’t talk for her first couple of years (is that the problem or ?) and when I took her to the pediatrician, Sweet Pea entered the room with us. EVERY question the Dr. asked of Little L was answered by Sweet Pea before Little L could speak! He looked at me and said, “There is your problem!” And of course, once she got around other kids and Sweet Pea wasn’t there to talk for her, she did indeed begin talking!
    Email me, ok?
    Auntie M

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