Happy Weekend!

Our weekend is going to be fabulous and I hope yours is too!\
Friday night started off with a bang when Kevin had an impromptu Happy Hour to go to after work. He decided to take Max with him because he is Max’s ride home from camp. Since this was obviously a low-key thing, Brian and I crashed too! There was another kidlet there, Clara, age 13 months, that Brian could not stop staring at. While she was walking around after dinner, working off some energy, Brian kept his eyes glued to her. When she went behind a booth where Brian couldn’t see her, he would constantly scan the area waiting for her reappearance. It was adorable. Brian didn’t say a single word to her though, but did wave when she left.\
Saturday is going to be full of swimming for the boys. Max is going to try the big slide and is very excited about it! I am going to continue clearing out the basement in preparation for the remodel. (I finally got the last estimate. Woot. Now the hard part comes.) Hopefully swimming won’t totally kill Kevin like last week’s trek to Down Pour, the water park at Algonkian Park, did. I’d like him to be able to unwind and/or do some work around the house, too.\
Sunday is going to be all about the Dim Sum and Cindy! Maybe I can talk Kevin into doing something else downtown-y while we’re there. Any suggestions?\
Ooh, today while grocery shopping, I totally spied some peach ice cream and had to buy it in honor of Aunt Margie. It was only a pint and on sale, so triple win! YUM!

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  1. tee hee! I have been honored! Woot! 🙂
    Hope your weekend is going well!
    No peach ice cream here 🙁
    Auntie M

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