The Good, Bad, and Annoying

The good: I found a preschool that has openings for the fall.\
The bad: Brian has to be potty-trained first.\
The annoying: It’s a church school that has bi-monthly story time with the minister and bible verses as part of the curriculum.\
The good: Our air conditioner is working! And the repairman didn’t charge us.\
The bad: He had to rewire bits around, which permanently disabled the furnace, because the whole thing is shot. He’s hoping to get a whole day’s worth of cool air before the thing collapses again. This is just another expense we don’t need right now, especially in light of my recent, unexpected dental bills. BAH to teeth! But this is something we NEED. We can’t not have a furnace. (We did that for a few days last year when the furnace broke.)\
The annoying: If we’d known how ruined the unit was last time we had it repaired, we could have just replaced it then. Booo to the other repairmen. (It took two, one of whom left and never came or called back!) I am sure they are used to dealing with customers who just want the thing fixed, but we’ve had multiple problems with this unit and I’ve been trying to get to the root of the problem. Grrrrr.\
The good: We went to the pool!\
The bad: The river and whirlpool were broken.\
The annoying: Nobody broke into the house while we were gone and did the dishes.\
The good: TV drama: You have to watch this short clip!\
The bad: Real life drama: 3609 military deaths in Iraq.\
The annoying: No drama: Several people thought National Bingo Night was a good idea.


  1. Wow, watched the Big Brother clip. I hate to keep pushing my profession and all, but that lady needs psychotherapy. So many issues are right there under the surface for her to genuinely cry about something like that…or she’s just really shallow, one of the two.

  2. Dr Tim, I am loving Big Brother this season. There are so many crazies on! Jen is the biggest though. I may have to post a clip after each show of her antics. This last show had her being equally as crazy as the photo episode.

  3. I couldn’t get the first clip. The Big Brother one… hmmm.
    But I posted a funny story on my blog about me attempting to play Bingo!

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