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Brian-speak update:

  • Brian tries to call Max, “Maxy Max,” like Kevin does, but it comes out, “Beh-Dant.” Seriously. It’s hard to describe. I keep telling Kevin that we NEED to get it on video. It’s cute and we know what he is saying (the inflection matches) but it’s kind of odd, yes?
  • Brian calls that silly Spongebob cartoon, “Aww bot curls pants.” Kevin couldn’t tell at all what Brian was saying until I told him.
  • Today we were playing a word game and Brian kept saying, “bird,” but I didn’t understand until the tenth time. He was getting kind of frustrated with me when I kept asking if he wanted a book. Poor Brian. Maybe it is time to have him reevaluated for speech therapy.
  • When Brian wants to initiate expressions of love, he’ll say, “Happy birthday, Mommy (or Daddy)!” It’s adorable and makes me want to eat his face off. I respond in kind. He can say, “I love you, too,” but only does it when someone else tells him first (such a boy that way).
  • Brian sang me a song today, “Rock a bye, Mommy, on the tree top. When the wind… faaaall.”\
    Sharon’s-having-a-baby Tips #356 and #872:
  • Some hospitals don’t provide wet wipes, so pack your own. It is really difficult to clean meconuim dry. Ask Kevin, he’ll tell you.
  • The hospital will probably give you a free diaper bag, so you can save some money by not getting your own. Use it towards something else totally necessary like… the million other things you need to buy.
  • Don’t stress about buying everything right now. Before you have the baby, all you need to buy is a baby book and some wet wipes for the hospital stay. You’ll probably have a day or two in the hospital (unless you’re a freak and check out four hours later like a friend of mine did). During this time, Mr. Sharon can buy a car seat, some diapers, and some onesies. That is all you really NEED in the beginning. True story. I mean, get the stuff you need, but don’t FREAK the FRAK out, ok?\
    Hey, if any of you readers out there have a tip to share, comment here and I will eventually send it to Sharon. Yes, the baby may be five by the time I send it, but maybe Sharon will be on her second or third then or maybe her younger sister Lauren (my super baby cousin) will be getting in on the mommy-action. See, the tips will still be relevant. (Hmm, imagine how much will change between three years ago when I had Brian and five years from now. A friend currently pregnant was shocked that I nor my friends had ultrasounds at 12 weeks even when nothing was wrong since everyone she knows has one.)\
    The house:
  • Kevin said I could repaint/redecorate the rec room. YAY! But that means more decisions to make, so boooo.
  • There are three ways I am leaning at the moment: painting the main area medium yellow and the office pale yellow (the playroom is bright yellow right now); painting the office blue and keeping the main area red and playroom yellow (primary colors rock my world!); or moving the comfy sectional down here and switching everything to nature-y green so that it flows into the new patio.
  • We’ve gotten rid of so much stuff lately, yay! Super yay! Toys and books and videos and kitchen crap. Head on down to the Sterling Goodwill to see it all. There is still more to get rid of. I am thinking about donating my wedding dress, but keeping my veil, to a breast cancer charity shop. It seems kind of sad, but what am I to do with it? I don’t have any daughters to dream of passing it to. I still fantasize of getting rid of half of everything I see. Ahh, sweet empty closets call out to me.\
  • The lack of action against the Bush Administration almost makes me believe in a Skull and Bones conspiracy. And I swear that I am mostly a rational person.
  • Hilary Clinton’s answer about whether she would talk to other governments (she basically said she wouldn’t, she doesn’t want to be used to propaganda) really bothers me. I understand what she means, but her first inclination is to worry about appearance rather than doing the job that needs getting done.
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  1. Totally agree on the not-buying-stuff line. I would add the little vibrating bassinets thing. Max slept in that next to our bed for at least the first month.
    My favorite “ah-ha!” thing was when Jen realized that putting Max down to bed on cold sheets woke him up half the time. So, she put the heating pad on low in his bassinet for a few minutes to take the chill off, then removed the heating pad and put the kid down.
    Oh, and you don’t need to babyproof for a few months either. They’re pretty much just sausages for the first 4 months or so.

  2. I love the use of the word ‘frak’ in any context really. Frak, yeah!

  3. OH my god, I just adore you both for coming up with the idea of tips for Sharon! She is going to LOVEEEE that!!!! I think I told you she just found your website so she is going to be thrilled when she gets her head out of the toilet and gets to read again! (Yes, she is getting sick now)
    You guys rock. I am so glad you have words of wisdom cause I have to tell you, its been a LONG time since we had little ones and things have changed SO MUCH since I was having babies!
    By the way – today is our 28th anniversary!!!! Can you believe it?!?!?
    Love you both!

  4. Hi guys!!!!
    I love your blog! Mom told me I had to check it out. Hubby promised me a new laptop soon so I won’t have to waste so much energy walking all the way across the house to the office to use my desktop computer. It sounds stupid, but my goodness its far! 😉 I’m just too tired and nauseas to make it all the way in here more than once a week or so. 😉 In the meantime, I make my weekly trek and check up on all the stuff Mom has been telling me to look at.
    Thanks so much for the advice! It’s funny, I was just thinking today about having to baby proof soon and setting up the nursery and stuff. I have to remind myself the “sausage” as Kevin puts it (lol) probably wont need 50 million things all in the first few days. 😉
    Love you all!!!

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