Brothers- Two Stories

Last night Max and Brian slept in the same bed, as they sometimes do. A few minutes after being tucked in, Kevin and I heard Max crying. He gets sad at night and frequently cries (a story for another time), so we weren’t alarmed or surprised. Before we could get up to the bedroom, Brian got out of the bed, stood at the top of the stairs and yelled down, “Be-dan Ma’ (Brian’s name for Max) is crying, Momma! He is crying!” Kevin met Brian in the hall and he repeated, “Be-dant Ma’ is crying. He has an owie.” How adorable is that? Max didn’t really have an owie, but I guess that is what made most sense to Brian. While Kevin was calming Max down, Brian kept repeating to him, “Everybody loves you, Be-dan Ma'”. Brian is such a sweetheart.\
This morning, Brian was playing with a blanket that has drawings of sheep on it and pretending to pick up the sheep. Max swooped in and pretended to steal away one of the sheep. Brian threw a fit and started crying, flailing, and then kind of attacked Max to get the sheep back. They actually fought about this for over five minutes. Several times Max tried to put the sheep back on the blanket, but Brian wouldn’t accept it; he wanted to take the sheep back from Max.


  1. Hilarious! The battle over the sheep is classic little boy stuff–imaginative, competitive, and highly entertaining.

  2. how cool is it that you will have these stories forever! I like reading about it because I had little girls. My days were filled with tea parties and The Little Mermaid! It’s interesting to see the other side! Bless you!!!! I will not bring SHEEP as a gift when I come to visit! 🙂
    Auntie M

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