I’m stealing the Cheers and Jeers idea

Cheers to this awesome \$30 rug. \$30!! I couldn’t believe the price and it looks fabulous in my house. I am sort of afraid to use it though, because the kids are only going to mess it up. I have actually been thinking about getting a second one as a backup.\
Cheers to the Redskins for winning. I am really surprised they did so though.\
Jeers to Loudoun County Parks and Rec. I’ve been miffed at them ever since the receptionist gave me false information which made me miss out on registering Brian for preschool. Today’s Jeer however is because their online registration system is showing classes from 2 years ago. For about 45 minutes, I was so excited to find a preschool opening… until I realized it was from 2005.

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