One Fish, Two Fish…

Max received a fish tank for his birthday. Wheee. The boys and I have been having lots of fun watching the fish. Kevin and I bought the tank, accessories, and three fish as the present and told Max could pick out more fish later. Well, later is today. He picked out two little tiny ones (per my strongly worded suggestion) but now that the fish are home and I see how big the original fish are, I am worried for the new little guys. Hope they aren’t eaten!\
ETA- I did some googling after posting this entry and the two types of fish aren’t compatible. Plus the kind of fish I bought are happier in a school, but I only bought 2 of them. And I learned that goldfish continue to grow so that I shouldn’t have gotten more fish anyway. Lastly, we have been feeding the fish the wrong type of food! Oy, I am a bad fish mommy.

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  1. Welcome to the exciting world of fish. We just got a fish tank a few weeks ago and now have two fish and a snail. The snail is great! He eats the algae on the sides of the tank. Can’t wait for one to die so we can talk about death…not really, but it’s bound to happen, isn’t it.

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