Quickie Update

Brian started preschool today! Wheeeee. Three hours a day for three days a week. YAY! He’s started prereading lately (like recognizing the Target symbol on a truck and the Nickelodeon symbol on Tivo’s Now Playing list), which is awesome! Yay for Brian. Thankfully Max is older enough and I have a bad enough memory that I don’t actually compare Brian to where Max was at this age.\
Max is taking an intro to martial arts class at the community center. I’m excited for him. If he enjoys it, I’ll sign him up for classes at the local center. There is one practically every other block around here. What’s up with that?\
Kevin cooked a mini-holiday feast for us on Saturday. We had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. We’ve been living off of the leftovers ever since and it’s been heavenly. Kevin did a great job and cooked the turkey in the oven instead of the crockpot like he usually does.\
We’re getting wood floors for the main level next week! YAY! I am super excited. But all of this house fix-up, that we are paying other people to do, is making a lot of work for me. Boooo to that.\
I found this green sofa that I love but I don’t know how the fabric will hold up. It was on sale last week for \$600, with a \$70 warranty against stains. For that price, it doesn’t have to last until the boys get to high school, you know? We’re thinking of pairing the sofa with two brown leather, small-scale arm chairs and an enlarged print of of this picture Kevin took in France. I just love the colors in it.\
The shower in the basement hasn’t been completed because a part was misplaced. A new one was ordered and should be in this week. Other than that and some very minor paint touch-ups, the guys are done. I’ve enjoyed the lack of construction for the last few days. However, it’s been kind of stressful that we can’t move forward with carpeting or putting things away yet. But! We’ve all been reveling in being able to go to the bathroom down there (don’t tell the inspector). It’s awesome! I want to have a peepee party now, just to show it off. We now have 4 toilets, which means that we can all get food poisoning at the same time! Speaking of which, I think we should order Chinese food for dinner tonight. Y/N?\
ETA- Just got home from picking Brian up at preschool. His teacher went on and on about how smart and observant he is. Super YAY! I’m happy for Brian.\
Also, the contractor just called to say that the part is in. The guys will be coming out today to finish. Yay!

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  1. Yeah to all the good leftovers!
    Yeah to all the work almost being done downstairs!
    Yeah for preschool! (I just fell in love with your boys – they are sooooo wonderful!!!!)
    Pictures, please… pictures! (of the completed downstairs) and also YEAH for hardwood floor! We love ours and everyone who comes to the house notices it right away – they always comment on that! So much for my decorating skills!! 🙂

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