Me me me me me!!

Kevin is gone for almost a month and my friends think I should use this extra alone time to explore new hobbies. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Now that Brian is becoming more independent during playtime and is in school I actually have time for a new hobby or two. Except, I don’t have a clue what hobbies I want to explore. Anyone have ideas for me?


  1. How about going to school part-time for your masters?
    PS Give me credit for not once suggesting this until you gave the whole world this opening.

  2. Mom,
    You have mentioned it before. A lot. But, no. School sounds more like government-sanctioned torture, rather than a pleasant diversion. Makes me want to vomit, much like Max did today all over the van.

  3. I took an Intro to Woodworking course once and it was pretty awesome. (Handtools like chisels and planes mostly, though we did use a few power tools, too.)

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