Things you need to see

1) Holy cow, look at this cake! I can’t tell who is crazier, the bride or the groom.\
2) Dexter, the acclaimed Showtime drama about a Miami forensic specialist who also happens to be a serial killer, is set to premiere on CBS on February 17, in an edited format. Check it out! Then let’s discuss, okay? This is totally one of those shows that you should watch from the beginning, as it has a season-long storyline.\
3) OMG OMG, Look: the can organizer of my dreams. Last year I got it into my head that I NEEDED to buy my MIL something like this for Christmas. For months and months I looked and Googled, but was unsuccessful. Somewhere on the internet sold building plans for a can dispenser, so I asked Steve if he could/would build it for me if I bought the plans and supplies. He said he could build it without the plans, so yay! Anne and Monica are now the lucky owners of the homemade version of this (but those aren’t adjustable. Look, this one even holds tuna cans!) When I saw this today, I immediately bought it even though I was looking for something else entirely. Woot, the internet is awesome! Is it wrong to be this excited?\
And for the Mormons in your life (or survivalists): large organizer.\
4) I’m not going to mention Britney, but read this about mental illness.\
5) This woman is strictly following the advice of Oprah for one year as a social experiment. Kind of neat. Let’s check back with her in about a month or two, yes?\
and, last, but not least,\
6) Just for fun: my favorite Brians.

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