B’s first day

Yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life. And it was fabulous.\
Brian had a great time at his new school. He was a bit sad when Kevin dropped him off but Kev gave Brian a big hug and then he ran off to play legos. Other awesome highlights: he used the toilet the whole day there (keeping his pull-up dry), ate his lunch no problem, and took a nap during quiet time. YAY! I was worried about lunch because he’s so picky and nap time because he’s not used to napping anymore. They have 4 recess/gym times, so I am sure the kids really do need the nap. The school has a web camera that parents can access to see their kids whenever they want. I love this feature. As soon as I get my access, I’ll be sure to send it along to the grandparents too. (I can sign up 5 other family members so they can check in on Brian too.)


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