Bloggy Time

I feel like I should blog, even though I don’t have anything interesting to write. Sooooooooo, boring stuff it is!\
I made the best lasagna last night! And the worst brownies. They were fine when we had them about an hour and a half after taking them out of the oven but after they cooled, it was obvious they were severely undercooked. Boo.\
I am totally obsessed with my wood floors. Look how pretty they are. (This was taken the day after we had them installed, so things are still out of place.)


BUT! I totally have a love/hate relationship with my beautiful floors. First, there are probably over a hundred scratches and dents already. We’ve only had the floors for 4 months or so, waah. Second, after scrubbing the floors shiny, if you walk away and look back, you’ll see goopy smudges that were invisible before. Every angle shows different clean/dirty spots. Sigh. Third, even when I sweep and mop twice a day, they are never clean! Every piece of lint and fuzz shows up like a huge spotlight is trained on it. Boooooooo.\
Um, yea. That’s all I got. TTYL.


    Don’t mop your wood floors. If something sticky gets on them, just spot clean.
    Lint and random fuzz problems. Leave tiny bits of fuzz, hair and lint alone for a day. This stuff magically migrates to the baseboards. No one notices the gunk on the baseboards for at least one month.

  2. Mom,
    I use wood floor wet swiffers to clean, after I’ve dry-mopped. You saying I shouldn’t use those?
    I have fond memories of that song, but have to go with Tapestry instead. It’s longer so I can get more done.

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