Well, that explains why I was crying over that post earlier. All Sunday Kevin offered to buy me a burrito. Heh. Does he not know that I am a kabob girl? (BTW, he did get us kabobs on Saturday- yay.) Anyway, the post didn’t make me think of US. It was all about ME: I don’t work, staying home with the kids suck, etc, etc.\
Kevin and I don’t fight. Really we don’t. We’ve had some misunderstandings, but I can’t think of any. Ooh, here’s one- one night I told Kevin he could sleep in the next day and I would tke care of the kids. When I woke him up at 9 am, he was really mad. Yup, so, there ya go. We don’t say mean things to each other or tell each other to “get over it.” So, yea.