I love the beach!!

We had a family combo birthday party over the weekend for Brian who turned four and me who turns 34 this month. I told my MIL that the kid and I could share a birthday cake (Spiderman!), cuz I don’t really care about the cake, but that I would pick the dinner menu (pot roast and mashed potatoes, yum), cuz Brian doesn’t really care about the dinner. But we’d both get presents, yay presents! It was a good plan. But then my MIL surprised me with a cake of my own anyway! Wheee.\
It’s a beach cake, woot! I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but it looked really awesome with the ocean and gummy fish on one side and the beach with candy shells on the other. My MIL also got me a beach bag and sparkly flipflops. It was a theme!\
While driving home, I told Max that he had an awesome Babba. (She made me a beach cake, y’all!) Brian popped up, “And me too. Me have an awesome Babba, too.”