Slow Saturday

Kevin and the boys are still getting over their various ailments, so we had a really laid back Saturday. Brian and I played “jump in the sky” where he would yell, “Jump in the sky,” and take a running leap at me. To me, it seemed more like we were reenacting the lifting scene from Dirty Dancing, even though he only got about an inch off of the floor. He was really excited to be jumping so high and it was really cute to see. Then he crashed at 5:30 pm and slept until 5:30 the next morning.\
I cleaned up and organized the basement and am ready, really ready this time, to schedule the new carpet to be installed. YAY. I can’t wait. After that, I foresee much less clutter in places it doesn’t belong.\
The kids have so many toys- darn birthdays and Christmas coming every year!- that I am tempted to just randomly pick up a toy bucket and send it off to Goodwill. But Brian actually plays with most of the toys still, so that seems mean. I try to rotate the toys, putting some in storage, but with the “reorganization” of the basement, he took advantage of my distracted state and ended up with all of the toys.\
After the kids went to bed, Kevin and I attempted to have movie night. Transformers is the worst movie I’ve seen since… Cold Comfort Farm. Ugh. We eventually switched to Knocked Up, which we’d seen before. Most of the funny stuff wasn’t funny the second time around, but the sad and poignant moments were still sad and poignant. I try to give the kids ‘bubble’ moments at least once a day. That is my good parenting tip of the day.\
Hmmmm. That was my Saturday, internet. How was yours?

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  1. I had to go to work. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad, so I got to come home and putter around the house. I made a curtain for the front windows…you know, so we can walk around half-dressed in the morning and not worry about it. That was the only productive thing I did all day though, aside from work of course.
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