Update: Ga is rainy

We’re on our second hotel room, cuz the movers got lost. Or just skipped us. I don’t know where my meds are or where my personal toiletries are. Kevin’s deodorant was not made for me.\
The first day we were here, we explored downtown Savannah, the shopping areas, the area around our house, and the beach! The journey from our house to the beach took 18 minutes! Wheeee. I can totally go everyday if I want!!!! Kevin posted a few pics from the beach. Click the “photos” link above.\
The second day, we waited around a bunch, went shopping a little, checked out the local library, and sought refuge from the humidity in a movie theater. We tried to see Wall-E, but ended up at the wrong theater, so we saw Get Smart. Max’s grandpa had taken him to see it earlier in the week, but Max was up for it again. I was shocked to learn it’s a pg-13 movie. Oy! Not only did Max see it, but so did Brian. He alternated between, “I love this movie” and “I hate this movie!” I think the [SPOILER WARNING] naked butt at the end won him back over.\
I’ve been blow drying my hair lately, which is a huge deal for me, but 20 minutes later, it’s wet again. I think I will go back to air-drying. Which could mean it’ll be wet until sometime in Nov. It’s rained every afternoon we’ve been here. Is this normal?\
Kevin gets a huge A+ for the house. It is larger than our townhouse in Va, but feels smaller because everything is just a few steps away (plus, there is actually less living space, but the kids’ bigger rooms make up for that.) We not only have a garage, but also have an attic and a shed! We don’t have anything that could go in the shed, but I am thinking about buying some stuff just to put things in it! There is also a fire pit in the backyard that I fully intend to use, as soon as it stops raining every day.\
Last night I had a dream in which I was dreaming, but knew it, about going to Babba’s house for dinner. I knew it was a dream since it now takes 10 hours instead of 10 minutes to get to her house, but no one believed that that they were in a dream. It was sad and I felt guilty for taking the kids away from Babba. Waaaaah.\
That’s all from here. Wish the movers luck that they will get their act together soon!!


  1. Good luck with getting those movers to get their butts to your house with your stuff. Sheesh. That would feel so homeless!

  2. So has the rain stopped? I hope you’re in the new house and dealing with the trauma of where to put what.
    Good luck baby girl.

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