Keep on keepin on

I’ve been packing and working and sorting and trashing like crazy this week! The movers come tomorrow, which means my work will be done, hallelujah! My C-section scar has been hurting, which is a definite sign I need to take it easy. After barely 2 hours of sleep last night, I woke up with killer ear and throat pain. Kevin thinks I have strep throat. Oh joy. But tomorrow, at least, I can just sit around lazily, on the one chair we aren’t moving to Georgia, and watch other people work. That is after I: have our mail forwarded; meet with the property manager; haul 5 bags of trash, carry the exercise bike up a flight of steps, drag two kiddie play frames, and a weed-covered section of outdoor carpet around the back of the house to the curb; sort through the paperwork junk pile; take down 14 vases from over the kitchen cabinets; empty the corner cabinet; dry out the paint cans; finish packing the last minute odds and ends; and go to the doctor. After that, then I can just sit around. YAY.

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Argh! Good luck! Ironically, Tom got strep the day before our house hunting trip. Luckily, we got him on antibiotics in time.

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